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All About My Hair!

Hello everyone! Ever since I dyed my hair blonde, lots and lots of people have been asking me: Where did you get your hair done? How much did it cost? How do you maintain it? Well friends today I am here to share my hair transformation.

  1. Dying my Hair  

As you can see from my roots, I naturally have dark, black, Asian hair; this means that it is fine and prone to damage. Because of this concern, when I took my first leap into the world of color, I decided to play it safe and opted for a natural brown balayage. There was very minimal bleach involved, and it left my hair feeling quite healthy. Unfortunately, overtime the color faded into something less than ideal. I knew it was time for a change.

Wow my hair actually feels pretty soft here.
Alrighty- someone tell me where the brassiness came from.

With much deliberation, I decided to do some research and booked an appointment with Bianca from a salon called Studio 45 in Roseville, CA. This time, I knew I wanted a dramatic change. There's no going back now, Bianca laid on the bleach and started working on my hair.

Here's me chillin' in the salon with foil head.

Four hours later, my hair was finally finished. The results came out amazing. I went from brassy washed out brown to a nice ashy blonde. The price point however, was not as amazing. The total came out to about $250 (color + trim).

  2. Maintenance  

If you have any experience with hair dye, you might know that the transition from black to blonde pulls out a lot of warm tones (yellow + orange) from your hair. As a result, maintaining the cooler ashy tone that I was looking for in my hair is very difficult. This is where purple shampoo comes in. This product is a holy grail for people with blonde hair. 

How does it work? It is all in the magic of the color wheel, and purple happens to be located directly across from yellow (a similar color to the blonde in your hair). When mixed, the two colors will cancel out and produce brown and grey tones. 

I have tried several brands of purple shampoo and will share with you all the ones that worked the best for me below.

1. Fanola No Yellow Shampoo


This shampoo is amazing. I bought this 1000 ml bottle from amazon for about $15. Man, is the purple dye in this product intense. It WILL stain your hands temporarily if you do not wear gloves. In the shower, I apply a generous amount of this shampoo to my hair and leave it on for about 10 minutes. The results is the better than any other shampoo I've ever tried.

This shampoo works best with very light hair.  On the lighter sections of my hair, it turns almost silvery white after repeated use. The blonde pieces becomes nicely toned.

Tip: Make sure to work in sections, this makes the application of the product much more even. This is super important! Sometimes when I am lazy and do not section my hair, parts of it stay brassy while other parts are toned. Not a good look.

2. Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo

The first shampoo I've ever tried. It works fairly well and gets the job done. Although not as potent as Fanola, it is fairly cheap and is found in most drugstores. I got this bottle from Ulta on sale. The thing about this product is that it drys out your hair like crazy, even more so than Fanola. Use this product with caution.

Tip: Personally for me, I think that with any purple shampoo, dryness comes as it's price. There is purple dye in the product that will suck out the moisture in your hair. To counter-act this, I try to only use purple shampoo once a week and alternate with non-sulfate shampoo (not as harsh on the color). Upon washing my hair, I make sure I use a very strong conditioner. Then right after my hair is fairly dry, I follow up with a dime size amount of argan oil just to the tips of my hair. 

  3. Overall thoughts  

I do not regret this experience. I really love my hair and the dramatic change that it gave me. However, of you are considering dying your hair a lighter color (anything with bleach) make sure to think about the maintenance that it will take to keep up with the shade and tone of your hair. Light hair color requires upkeep. This means toning your hair, dealing with dryness, and redoing your roots once your hair grows out. I am not the type that likes upkeep. As a college student, I don't find myself having the time to deal with my hair. Might have to go back to dark brown soon, but I'll have to wait and see.

That is all for now. Hopeful this post answers all of your questions.

See you soon,


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