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One Top, Three Looks

Basically Basic: Tank Tops

Hi friends! For a while now the majority of the clothes I buy tend to be trendy pieces that come and go. This meant hoarding off the shoulder or tube tops, sporting gingham or plaid, and buying the occasional pieces that I THINK I would wear all the time, but then end up sitting at the bottom of my closet. Today, I am going back to the basics. 

The great thing about basics is that they never go out of style. This means you don't need to break the bank trying to keep up with the trend. They are a classic, a necessity in every closet. I am very excited to be starting a new series on this blog, "Basically Basic". From simple t-shirts to plain denim jeans, each blog will show you how universal these pieces truly are, and how to style simple pieces into outfits that are far from basic. This week's topic: one tank top, three looks.

The first step is to get your hands on a tank top. Despite being "basic" there are so many different types to choose from: full length vs cropped, square neck vs v-neck, thick vs thin straps. I find that cropped, square neck pieces flatter my petite figure but you can take your pick. I got mines for about $7 bucks shopping in Davis. (At one of the only clothing store located near campus; locals guess where). I could not find the exact top online, but I linked below something very similar to what I bought.

*Click Link above to navigate to page

Now that we have a top, lets get to styling.

  Look 1:   

Straight legged or flare pants are finally back in trend and I cannot be more happy. In my first look, I styled this plain black top with straight legged jeans that I found my local thrift store. I cuffed the bottom for a more polished look.

Next, I added my beloved Klayton Stiletto Booties from Vince Camuto. These babies are so cute and added just the right amount of height to elevate the look. Unfortunately, they are currently out of stock on the website but if I do find it on the market again, I'll add a link above.

Lastly, I finished off the look with this ASOS Double Ringed Belt. A great thing about ASOS belts are that they come in various sizes (XXS - L). As a petite girl, it is very hard to find a belt that fit my waist. I copped this belt in the size XS and it fits my waist perfectly.

Here's a Quick Summary of the Outfit
Top: F21 Black Square Neck Crop Top (S)
Jeans: Thrifted
Shoes: Klayton Booties
Belt: ASOS Double Ring Belt (XS)
Bag: Victoria Secret

  Look 2:  

Now for this off-the-shoulder look! For the top, I used the same square neck tank mentioned previously in the post. All I did was pull down the two sleeves so that it hanged off my shoulders. It’s so simple, but changes the casual top into something much more playful.

I paired the top with black heeled mules. Mules are definitely not for everyone; some people love them, some people hate them. As for me, I think they are super adorable for this look. You can't go wrong with added height (haha at least for me).

Brandy Melville Plaid Skirt

For my bottoms, I wore my Brandy Melville Plaid Skirt. The pleated design really complimented the top; plaid and black makes a great duo. Not sure when I bought this, but sadly it is no longer available on the website. I linked below a few alternatives.

Here's a Quick Summary of the Outfit
Top: F21 Black Square Neck Crop Top (S)
Skirt: Brandy Melville Plaid Skirt (OSFM)
Shoes: Heeled Mules (Size: 6w)

   Look 3:   

The last look features a look that can come off as a bit more edgy. I took the same square neck tank and tucked in one of the sleeves to create this one shoulder look. This is optional, but pin down the sleeve with a hidden safety pin to make the top a bit more secure. Underneath, I am wearing a black bra and crossed the straps to form a one-armed "spaghetti-strapped" sleeve.

Next, I paired this look with a faux leather skirt. The zip up added a nice contrast to the entire outfit. I found this piece at a H&M Sale earlier in the year. Again, no longer found online, but listed a few alternatives below.

*Faux Leather Zip Up Skirt (F21)
*Abi Faux-Leather Mini Skirt (Guess)

Here's a Quick Summary of the Outfit 
Top: F21 Black Square Neck Crop Top (S)
Skirt: H&M Zip-up Faux Leather Skirt (XS)
Shoes: Heeled Mules

That wraps up this post! Let me know if you would try out these looks.

See you next time,


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